Making disciples that makes disciples.


Christ Centered Churches in the cities, towns, and villages even the remotest areas to the ends of the earth.


To make the church aware of the unfinished task, Mobilized, train and sent.


Reaching all the six unreached people group in South Sudan by the year 2030


  1. Cross cultural communication and training.
  2. Intentional disciple Making.
  3. Missional and Relational Church.


The methodology of the training is the itinerary model we don’t build wall to create classes The school of time is done among the targeted people group. We settle the missionary students among the families for the first six months. The key activity during this time is creating a bond of love, relationship, trust, through a class without a wall, as well as learning the language and culture. This process is a mean of creating a path through which the ministries flow cross culturally, so that the misunderstanding gaps will not be too wide and will take time to close. The duration of the school is two years. Subject taught includes but not limited to Missional theology, Culture, Making Disciples, and others subject that strengthen missionary effort among the targeted people groups.

Our first six-month result of class without a wall was amazing. The time our missionary families are coming out almost the whole community were moved to tears. They thought that the missionaries are gone and not coming back. A proof of the effectiveness of the training both sides are missing one another.

We want to see the involvement of the whole Church, to take the whole Gospel, to the Whole world. (Christopher wright).
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