Fruits Ministries

Background Story

FRUITS Ministries is a non-profitable, non-Denominational faith-base, Ingenious, Cross-cultural Missions organization. FRUITS Ministries is build on four missional message of true faith: God, Nature, Human and Eternity. One hundred percent of the support and donation goes to the beneficiaries with itemized activities such as Cross-cultural Church plantings as main. Secondly our respond to human need is majorly in the areas of Health, children protection, and Education rank as paramount specially among the unreached people. We don’t create the need for the people from outside perspective, but we listen from the community even if the need seems to be obvious.

FRUITS is an acronym that stand for Favor Reaching Unreached Inland Tribes Sudan. The idea was conceived in 2003 and physically founded in 2006 in Kapoeta East County of South Sudan, Among the two communities the Teuso (IK) and the Toposa before the independence of South Sudan. Our main task is to mobilize and train indigenous missionary families in East African region in cross cultural church planting and Missional discipleship. Making the churches in the region aware of an finished task among the unreached people group in the region and beyond.

Devastating war: South Sudan

However, in all this God gave us a country of our own a lot remain to be done by churches to make south Sudan a good place to stay. God put in my heart the work of mission to every ethnic group in south Sudan. Just to mention this God has prepared me in a very difficult way crossing the border from Sudan to Ethiopia on foot and walking in the land of Somalia for so many days starving in the no-mans lands between Kenya and Ethiopia(Mandera) I know our gallant SPLA soldiers have experience the same thing in the liberation struggle for our beloved country the south Sudan. Now for the church is the liberation of the heart and transformation of lives which can be archived only by the love of Jesus Christ through the work of missions.
Joshua 24:15

Cross Cultural Church Planting

After fourteen years of establishing the church in Kapoeta East County of Eastern Equatoria state. Last year FRUITS Ministries moved to Upper Nile State and reaching the Koma people group. The decision was made after four years of prayer for an open door. To find one person from the Koma people to lead us in the community. Our prayer was answer and now we are fully operating and training our four (4) missionary families among the Koma people in Daga Post Upper Nile state.

Clearing airstrip at Daga Post Upper Nile
Clearing airstrip at Daga Post Upper Nile
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