Every Child Is A Star

Bethesda children home is not an orphanage. But a picture of a home away to the most disadvantaged children. At present we have about 100 disadvantaged children from the diverse communities. The administration of Bethesda is managed by a missionary couple who are called dormitory parent.

Bethsaida Children home is founded intentionally to groom Children from the Pastoralist community in the fear of God before the traditional initiation. In our project area includes orphans, disadvantage children, from five to six years from the targeted people groups and street children nation-wide.  The problem of disadvantage Children, orphan and street families is building up in al alarming rate not only in Eastern Equatoria, but in the whole of south Sudan. 

The little girl in 2006
Praise and worship moment
The children during christmas

Bethsaida Children home exist to add value in the life of those children to minimize the future Consequence.  The cause of this problems can be trace to War, Community Conflict, deaths through HIV/Aids, unwanted pregnancy, Unemployment, and divorce, to mentioned just the few. These vulnerable children are exposed to all anti-social criminal activities. Therefore, FRUITS ministries envisage mainstreaming these children in the national building by providing physical and spiritual support and protection. However, there is hope FRUITS Ministries Organization wanted to established two more places in Greater Baher el Gazal and greater Upper Nile.
All the children in Bethsaida are being provided with meal 3 time’s a day. Every child has opportunity for indoor and out-door recreation. They actively participate in morning and evening devotion as a way of nurturing their faith.

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